1 x 44’ UHD & 1 x 50’UHD

On a barren Australian island deadly tiger snakes survive in a place that is hostile and unforgiving. There is no fresh water or regular food. They live in the shadow of a brutal attacker that pecks their eyes out defending their offspring from the snake’s ravenous hunger. Despite this they are thriving and have become giants of their kind. But why they are here and how they prosper in this desolate place has remained a mystery… until now.


  • Broadcaster:Nat Geo WILD 
  • Distribution: Earth Touch
  • Executive Producer/Producer:Jodie De Barros
  • Supervising Producer:Leighton De Barros
  • Directors:Leighton De Barros, Jonathan Rowdon
  • Writers:Leighton De Barros, Jonathan Rowdon
  •  Anthony Barwell
  • Director of Photography:Leighton De Barros
  • Editor:Jonathan Rowdon