1 x 28 SD

For an experience that can be alternately savage and serene, plunge into the aquamarine waters of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Best known for its tourist-friendly dolphins, Shark Bay is home to a diverse population of sea life, including green and loggerhead sea turtles, dugongs, sea snakes, an outcrop of stromatolites (ancient life forms that house billions of microbes) and of course, sharks.

Since 1997, marine biologists have caught and tagged almost 400 tiger sharks in the Bay. However it’s the dolphins, as always, who steal the show with some truly unique “intelligent” behaviour.


  • Broadcaster:ABC TV
  • Distribution:ABC Commercial
  • Producer:Leighton De Barros
  • Director/Writer:Leighton De Barros
  • Director of Photography:Leighton De Barros
  • Executive Producers:Dione Gilmour & Gill Lomas