Sea Dog TV International has partnered with K2 Communications and K2 Films Australia to produce Shark Wars: The Ultimate Predator 3D.  In a world-first scientific experiment  we will explore how the Bull Shark and Great White Shark’s physical abilities compare, pushing their highly developed sensory systems to the limit in virtual darkness.

The Great White shark has been considered the apex predator of the deep throughout humankind’s existence on the planet.  They are the largest of the carnivorous shark species and are the perfect killing machine.  The Bull shark, although smaller is more aggressive and considered by many experts to be the more dangerous of the two species.  They are among the most ferocious of all sharks.  Both have finely tuned electro-magnetic sensory abilities to locate and hunt prey.  The Bull shark has a small eye which seems to act like a secondary sensory organ.  The Great White has extremely complex and sensitive eyes. In a world-first scientific experiment Shark Wars: The Ultimate Predator will explore how their abilities compare and push their highly developed sensory systems to the limit.

We will capture previously unseen shark behaviour for the first time on the planet, in virtual darkness, in shark hot spots in Fiji and Australia.  Our filming platform will be a revolutionary shark cage, taking its design from the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. The cage will be covered in a black high tensile aluminum screen, effectively blocking the sharks from seeing, or sensing the divers inside.  The screen will be sheathed in HECS shark skin which cloaks human electromagnetic pulses.  The camera operators inside will be wearing HECS shark skin wetsuits.  This technology, coupled with special low-light, image intensifying,  infrared cameras, and high-powered infrared lights, will allow us to film natural behavior, without shark detection of the cinematographers. Using this cutting-edge technology, renowned shark researcher Dr. Will Robbins  will conduct an incredible  two-phase research experiment to more fully understand the super senses of these fearsome animals to determine which shark is the ultimate predator.


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