Sea Dog TV International is currently in production on a 12 x 30 min HD series, titled Bushfire Wars. In conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia, this compelling series reveals the intimate and terrifying drama of an elite team of bushfire fighters as they risk their lives fighting a remorseless and unpredictable war against devastating bushfires in Australia.

The ancient Australian landscape is home to one of the most dangerous killers on earth – fire. A small spark, caused by lightning or a careless human, can turn into a raging inferno in minutes. Left unchecked, it destroys everything in its path, leaving nothing but tragedy and a barren, charred landscape in its wake. In Australia over eight hundred people have died from bush fires.  Thousands of homes have been reduced to ash and millions of animals destroyed. Billions of dollars of damage have been inflicted by these blazing holocausts.

 BUSHFIRE WARS is the story of the men and women from the Parks and Wildlife Service in Western Australia, who risk their lives to fight the scorching enemy. The battleground is the biggest in the world, covering millions of square kilometres of forests and bush land. All ready to explode into flames at any second. They combat the scorching enemy with the largest squadron of fire-spotting aircraft on the planet. Bombers attack the firestorm from the air. Armoured bull- dozers assault the inferno from the ground. Troops of men and women fight the scorching enemy on foot. Their battle is relentless. It has to be; their enemy is a remorseless, unpredictable, and indiscriminate killer.

BUSHFIRE WARS is a world-first as specially ‘fire-trained’ camera crews going into the field alongside the bush fire fighters to capture the action. This landmark series will use state-of-the-art camera technology with forty fixed cameras on choppers, planes, bull dozers, four wheel drives and body-cams to give viewers a terrifying and intimate window into a world rarely seen.  Be immersed in the drama of these frontline heroes as the they stand together, risking life and limb to fight this deadly natural enemy in BUSHFIRE WARS.

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