12 x 26’ HD

Each year Western Australia experiences thousands of large bushfires that can burn up to 15 million hectares of bush or, in a drought year, double that. The danger to human life and property are real and extreme but at the same time Australia’s native flora has evolved to depend on fire as a force for renewal. The Fire & Emergency Services of Western Australia can attend up to 60,000 fires each year but this year they will be joined by an intrepid camera crew that will follow their every move to create an observational documentary series that will create a picture of firefighting more intimate and revealing than anything that has gone before.


  • Broadcaster:Nat Geo Australia | Discovery Germany
  • Distribution: Earth Touch
  • Executive Producers:Jodie De Barros & Leighton De Barros
  • Series Producer:Leighton De Barros
  • Producer:Jodie De Barros
  • Directors/Writers:Leighton De Barros & Jonathan Rowdon
  • Director of Photography:Leighton De Barros
  • Editors:Jonathan Rowdon & Teresa Ashton-Graham