Sea Dog TV International was established by four-time Emmy® Award nominee Leighton and Jodie De Barros.  The company has an international reputation for producing high quality, blue chip documentaries that are compelling and innovative.

Always pushing the boundaries of film-making, our award-winning creative team is highly experienced across all genres of film and television production.  The company is excelling in the production of 4K and Virtual Reality production.

We pride ourselves as experts in the field of the unpredictable genre of natural history and wildlife filmmaking to observational style documentary, having produced hit shows for Discovery Channel US’s Shark Week, National Geographic, NHK, BBC, Smithsonian Channel, CBS America, ABC, Arte France, SWR and Channel 5.


People behind the scene




11 Jul 2018

Jaimen Hudson From Sky to Sea – 1 x 60′ 4K

Sea Dog TV International is in development on a biographical documentary based on the life and achievements of Jaimen Hudson, a wildlife cinematographer who has seen phenomenal social media success with his clips, but unknown to Jaimen’s millions of followers he is a quadriplegic. Jaimen Hudson From Sky to Sea will explore how Jaimen overcomes his obstacles to finally become an underwater cinematographer.

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9 Jan 2018

Shark Wars

Sea Dog TV International has partnered with K2 Communications and K2 Films Australia to produce Shark Wars: The Ultimate Predator 3D. In a world-first scientific experiment we will explore how the Bull Shark and Great White Shark’s physical abilities compare, pushing their highly developed sensory systems to the limit in virtual darkness.

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9 Jan 2018

Bushfire Wars

Sea Dog TV International is currently in production on a 12 x 30 min HD series, titled Bushfire Wars. In conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia, this compelling series reveals the intimate and terrifying drama of an elite team of bushfire fighters as they risk their lives fighting a remorseless and unpredictable war against devastating bushfires in Australia.

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